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mortgage marketing automation

Why Do Top Experts Use Mortgage Marketing Automation?

Nov 13, 2020

High-producing mortgage loan officers are extremely busy. Loan origination entails handling everything from potential leads and rate quotes to counseling borrowers and prospects.

Loan officers are constantly updating loan status with referral partners, collecting documents, and explaining details to processors and underwriters. Of course, there’s also the need to comfort worried applicants and handle that one agent that calls every day to babysit her once-a-year home sale. The daily duties are never-ending, and the more successful you become, the harder it gets to do anything else.

Still, despite all the regular daily responsibilities, mortgage industry loan officers must engage in pipeline-filling mortgage marketing lead capture and mortgage marketing campaigns to real estate agents and other referral partners. But once they get busy handling deals, who has the time?

Mortgage marketing automation lets you work smarter, not harder.


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Good mortgage marketing makes you busy. But once you are, it’s hard to take the time to continue the very activities that got you there in the first place.

However, mortgage marketing is just as important then as it was before. You don’t want to succeed in closing all the deals in your pipe only to find that you have only precious few new leads to fill it back it up.

Invest the time with mortgage marketing automation, reap the rewards.

To continue to prosper, you have to maintain a manageable mortgage pipeline of loans in all stages, from new applications all the way through to deals that are cleared to close. There must be a steady funnel of leads coming in that will ultimately convert to applications and later to the latest funded loans.

Mortgage brokers and loan officers all know that referral sources are key, but all too often, you’re only as good there as your last deal. There’s always someone else who’s going to be working on bumping you, and that’s a lot easier to do if you’re not in touch regularly.

Yet how do you stay in touch and relevant as much as you need to when you’re busy closing deals and protecting your bottom line?

This is where mortgage marketing automation comes in to save you time. There’s no reason to constantly repeat the same action over and over when you can take just slightly more time the first time around and then know it will happen over and over again all on its own.

Think about annuities. These are financial contracts paid for upfront, which can then pay out a set amount for a guaranteed amount of time. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your marketing efforts worked the same way?

Well, they can!

A good cloud-based mortgage CRM can handle mortgage marketing automation with the ease of set it and forget it marketing for mortgages simplicity. And there’s almost no end to the content marketing for mortgage prospects you can deliver to educate, motivate and stay top of mind with your prospects, past clients and referral partners.

Mortgage marketing automation is really the best way to get and stay busy without trying to do two full-time jobs simultaneously. Let’s face it: Loan officers are most proficient at great customer service while making and closing deals, not creating email marketing, graphic art, digital tools, mortgage social media marketing and developing dynamic animations.

The top loan officers know to concentrate on what they do best and to automate the rest. Want to join the ranks? Request a demo with Surefire. You’ll be a mortgage marketing automation pro in no time.

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