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Understanding the Difference: Wholesale vs. Retail Lenders

Jan 21, 2021

The first step in setting up a marketing plan for your mortgage company, as with any business, is to identify your audience. The results may look very different for wholesale lenders and retail lenders on the surface. But you may be surprised at how much the marketing plans have in common.

Wholesale Lenders Market to Other Lenders


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If you’re a wholesale lender, you’ll market your loan programs to mortgage brokers and loan officers who represent those products to their prospects and clients. Your marketing will focus on B2B tactics, including building and maintaining relationships with your direct clients.

As a wholesale lender, you can go a step further, too, and support your lender clients by helping them sell your products to the borrower. To meet this goal, you’ll also need B2C marketing tools and content tailored for loan originators to share.

Wholesale Lenders and Retail Lenders Have a Lot in Common

If you’re a retail lender, on the other hand, your focus will be working directly with borrowers to close loans—either loans offered directly by your own company or, if you can’t meet a borrower’s product needs, one provided through a wholesale lender. You will definitely need B2C marketing.

But chances are that loan officers in your retail lender office earn a lot of business through referrals from real estate agents or other financial professionals. To build relationships with this audience, you will also need B2B marketing tools.

Plus, you will want to share B2C tools with your referral partners just as wholesale lenders want to share B2C tools with their lender clients.

Retail and Wholesale Lenders Can Rely on the Same CRM Solutions

So, when it comes down to it, both wholesale lenders and retail lenders require both B2B and B2C marketing solutions — relationship-building messages from prospect through post-close or post-sale — along with mechanisms for contact management, message distribution and compliance oversight.

For wholesale lenders and retail lenders, an acceptable solution will answer the common needs and allow for different types of management where the two lending styles differ.

A mortgage-centered CRM like Surefire has been there and done that for wholesale lenders and retail lenders alike. We have marketing solutions you may not have even realized you need yet. Schedule a demo today so we can show you how it works.

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