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Mortgage Lead Generation: 5 Tools to Use for Better Results

Feb 23, 2023

Mortgage lead generation experts can make busy mortgage marketing executives and loan officers feel overwhelmed. Between building a social media following, pinpointing the right list to purchase, optimizing ad placements, or developing niches, there is a lot of time and cost involved. Fortunately, loan officers and mortgage companies can access the leads they need already – through their own contact lists.

Did you know that getting new borrowers can cost up to five times more than getting new loans from your existing database? Plus, since known loan advisers are more trustworthy to clients, you’re more likely to close the deal with past clients than with a cold call. In fact, the success rate when marketing to an existing contact is 60-70%, while it’s only 5-20% with new contacts.

If you use mortgage CRM software to manage your contacts, you have at least five mortgage lead generation tools ready to use.


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Here are five tools to use for better results:

  1. Alerts: A strong mortgage CRM will alert loan officers when certain events occur that indicate a contact may be ready to finance or refinance a mortgage loan. This includes refinance alerts, “just listed” alerts, and credit alerts.
  2. Searches and Segmentation: Any database management system should provide the ability to search your database for factors that might indicate a borrower is ready for a loan. A CRM system will then allow you to segment your database into groups based on those factors so you can market to them in bulk, if you want.
  3. Reviews and Referrals: Encourage referrals by including a line in your transactional and marketing emails reminding contacts that you appreciate referrals. Also, include a button with a simple “refer a friend” call to action in your email signature. Gather reviews by telling your borrowers how much they mean to your business and including a link to your favorite review sites in your email signature.
  4. Cross-Selling: For banks and credit unions that sell multiple products, cross-selling is a great tool for mortgage lead generation. When others in the organization learn that a contact may require a mortgage product, they can alert the loan officer.
  5. Referral Sources: Mine each transaction for referral sources beyond the buying agent who sent you the deal to the lawyer, title company, or home inspector. Keep track of where your business is coming from and create relationships with other businesses that have proven to be successful referral sources.

By using these five tools, you can increase your chances of converting leads into customers and growing your business.

Your Ultimate Mortgage Lead Generation Tool: Your Mortgage CRM

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