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The Trending Mind: Hello, It’s…Your Loan Officer

Aug 26, 2021

A couple of months ago, we surveyed mortgage professionals to gain insight into which mortgage technology tools loan officers use. 

We learned that of those surveyed, 75% don’t use an auto dialer software, which is…

  1. Surprising considering it included consumer direct focused lenders too
  2. A huge opportunity for the industry

And the truth is that we’ve been walking on eggshells around the notion of “automated phone calls” thanks to all of the robocallers that use automated dialing software to tell us about our “extended warranty.”

But our customers aren’t using an auto dialing system. They’re using Surefire Power Calls, a customizable dialer created for mortgage lenders to build personal connections with leads and customers. Plus, and this is for you compliance folks, you have the power to follow CCPA standards.

If you need some ideas, we’re here to help. To name a few, Power Calls are great for:

Surefire equips our Power Call users with pre-written scripts and the ability to segment and filter contacts for customized messaging.

The faster you respond to lead inquiries, the more likely you are to win their business. Schedule a demo to see Power Calls in action and send us an email at

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