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The Mortgage Marketing Automation Playbook Part 4: Reducing Risk

Nov 22, 2021

Risk is inherent in any business enterprise. With every deal, there are potential positives and negatives for individuals, departments and the company as a whole.  Managing and reducing the impact of these risks is an essential aspect of running a successful business.

For loan originators, the management team has varying levels of control in regard to the unique risks that are associated with the mortgage industry. Some risks can be directly avoided while others can be beyond their control.

While automation software cannot prevent the negative impacts of these risks, it can assist management in anticipating possible risks and their potential impact on the company’s business. With this knowledge, members of the management team can adjust their process or policies to effectively address and mitigate risks.

This eBook covers:

          • Keeping up with mortgage marketing compliance
          • Steps for tracking business procedures
          • Evaluating your business efforts
Overcoming Pain Points in Mortgage Loan Officer Recruiting
Mar 02, 2023

Discover effective strategies to address common challenges faced by mortgage loan officer recruiters in this comprehensive guide. From identifying top talent to navigating the hiring process, learn how to overcome pain points and build a successful recruiting program for your organization.

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