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rising mortgage rates

Surviving Rising Rates

Jul 05, 2022

In response to the booming U.S. job market and inflation at a 40-year high, mortgage rates have risen by more than 1.5 percent since the beginning of 2022 – surging well above the six percent range in June of this year. These rising rates have calmed the booming housing market and further reduced mortgage demand. A large cohort of young, would-be first-time homebuyers are being priced out of homeownership due to sky-high rates, and mortgage application volume has fallen to its lowest levels in 22 years.

So, how can lenders stay relevant and profitable in a rapidly rising rate environment?

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Where the Opportunity Lies in Today’s Market
  • The Pivot to Purchase
  • The Pivot to Equity
  • Unique Benefits of a CRM
  • …And more!

Click here to download: Surviving Rising Rates: Tactics to Stay Relevant in a Rising Rate Environment

Mortgage Memes in a Rising Rate Environment
Aug 03, 2022

Mortgage memes are a popular tool for loan officers and mortgage brokers who use social media for mortgage lead generation. Because memes typically include an element of humor, it’s easy to understand their role when things are going well.

Integration Partner Spotlight: Mobility Market Intelligence (MMI)
Aug 02, 2022

Lenders need referral partners to funnel them new leads. The integration with Surefire and MMI helps alleviate lenders’ recruiting challenges by empowering them with a comprehensive turnkey solution for engaging real estate agents, brokers and loan originators at scale to grow business.

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