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rising mortgage rates

Surviving Rising Rates

Jul 05, 2022

In response to the booming U.S. job market and inflation at a 40-year high, mortgage rates have risen by more than 1.5 percent since the beginning of 2022 – surging well above the six percent range in June of this year. These rising rates have calmed the booming housing market and further reduced mortgage demand. A large cohort of young, would-be first-time homebuyers are being priced out of homeownership due to sky-high rates, and mortgage application volume has fallen to its lowest levels in 22 years.

So, how can lenders stay relevant and profitable in a rapidly rising rate environment?

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Where the Opportunity Lies in Today’s Market
  • The Pivot to Purchase
  • The Pivot to Equity
  • Unique Benefits of a CRM
  • …And more!

Click here to download: Surviving Rising Rates: Tactics to Stay Relevant in a Rising Rate Environment

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