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Surefire offers right-sized reporting for any mortgage shop

Nov 15, 2022

Every mortgage lender is different, and so are their mortgage marketing strategies. Whether a lender wants to track compliance performance with marketing regulations or monitor engagement, different marketing reports will be needed for each unique situation.


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Smaller mortgage shops with limited in-house marketing resources might only have the bandwidth to focus on a few common key performance indicators (KPIs) like email open-rates and opt-outs. On the other hand, “the billboard guys” — industry behemoths that dedicate millions of dollars each year on broad-spectrum consumer-direct mortgage marketing campaigns — will be accustomed to more granular reporting to substantiate campaign compliance and efficacy. And while some marketing teams operate in a silo, others need to pipe their reporting into a data warehouse or business intelligence platform to be analyzed alongside other operational performance measures.

Finding the perfect reporting tool for your business

There is no one-size-fits-all reporting solution or cadence. However, there is a solution that comes preloaded with universally used reports and allows lenders to create their own reports, request custom-built reports and even have marketing data flow automatically into the business intelligence (BI) solution they use to analyze organizational performance.

SurefireSM, a market-leading mortgage customer relationship management (CRM) platform and marketing engine from Black Knight, offers the right-sized reporting structure for any lender regardless of company size, budget or the type of marketing campaigns they leverage. Surefire administrators can automate omnichannel mortgage marketing campaigns and configure them to their organization’s ideal specifications, then schedule daily, weekly, monthly and annual performance reports for automatic delivery to selected users.

With these four options, Surefire can provide the right-sized reporting for any mortgage lender:

Out-of-Box Reports

Surefire’s out-of-the-box reports, also known as quick reports, track the most commonly used mortgage marketing performance metrics such as email opens, loan anniversaries, client birthdays, contacts by source, text message opt-ins and opt-outs, compliance for co-branded materials and much more. Out-of-the-box reports are available immediately after implementing Surefire, so lenders do not have to perform any extra platform configuration to access them.

DIY Reports

Surefire administrators can also create custom reports using the Surefire platform’s advanced user search configurations. DIY reports can be built for one-off use or can be saved and assigned an ongoing reporting schedule. Surefire’s advanced user search interface is intuitive, but if a lender ever needs additional support, a Surefire representative will walk them through the report configuration process at no extra charge.

Custom Reports

Depending on an organization’s size or marketing needs, it might want even more nuanced reporting options that do not come pre-built in the Surefire platform. In these cases, lenders can simply request a custom report from Surefire. A Surefire developer will then work with the lender to determine necessary KPI inputs and outputs and schedule reports for automatic delivery to the appropriate recipients on a regular cadence.

Data Pipes

The Surefire platform’s data piping capability is specifically designed for organizations that have invested in a data warehouse or BI tool and would like to be able to crunch their CRM data in the same system alongside other operational performance metrics. By folding information from their contact database and marketing engine into enterprise-wide BI analytics, lenders gain insight into how their marketing efforts align with their overall performance. This extra layer of actionable intelligence can help lenders identify ways to market their products and services more effectively.

At a time when keeping a close eye on revenue and expenses is more essential than ever, right-sized reporting capabilities from Surefire can help lenders track which marketing campaigns are attracting the most leads and contributing to revenue. Best of all, these reporting options are made available to users at no extra charge.

Want to take your mortgage marketing and reporting to the next level without stretching your budget? Schedule a Surefire demo.

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