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Surefire and SimpleNexus Help Lenders Save Even More Abandoned Loan Applications With New Integration Enhancements

Apr 26, 2023

Letting applicants abandon an application without following up is the equivalent of forgetting to return calls to high-intent prospects. Lenders lose millions in potential mortgage volume each year to abandoned applications. 

Application forms are often lengthy and require substantial documentation. If the application process is too complex or confusing, borrowers may become frustrated and abandon the application. Alternatively, the complexity of information needed to complete a loan application may cause borrowers to quit the application to gather details, then simply forget to continue where they left off.

To effectively combat application fallout, one of the most effective tools a lender can have in their tech arsenal is an application abandonment campaign — automated mortgage marketing workflows that enable lenders to continually reengage clients who started applications but failed to complete them.

Recover abandoned applications with Surefire and SimpleNexus


Download the guide to text messaging for mortgage lenders.

Knowledge is power. Lenders hoping to know immediately when an applicant has abandoned their application need a powerfully automated customer relationship management (CRM) system enhanced with real-time loan data. Surefire CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine by Black Knight and SimpleNexus allow lenders to instantly detect and act on abandoned applications with the platforms’ newly enhanced integration.

The enhancement enables loan officers (LOs) to more reliably recover loan applications that have been abandoned using the combined powers of Surefire’s Application Nudge workflow and loan application insights from SimpleNexus. The abandoned application feature is triggered within Surefire if an application meets all of the following requirements:

  • A borrower started a SimpleNexus loan application but has not yet submitted it.
  • Two hours have passed since the loan application was last updated. 
  • The loan application has not been deleted.
  • The loan application was created in the last week.

Once a lender activates the integration, SimpleNexus will automatically transfer abandoned application data to their Surefire platform. When the abandoned application feature is triggered by a prospect, SimpleNexus sends a notification to their LO alerting them that a prospect has not completed their loan application. Abandoned applications will also be flagged in an LO’s Surefire platform, enabling the LO to enroll those leads in other targeted workflows.

Even if the borrower never finishes their application, data sharing between SimpleNexus and Surefire ensures mortgage loan officers can follow up down the road with rate opportunity alerts and other timely outreach. Data flows both ways so that with a simple push of a button, LOs can fetch new or updated contacts from Surefire and import them into SimpleNexus. The Application Nudge workflow will even offer the LO recommended next steps to recover their lost applicants.

According to Carl McDonald, SimpleNexus senior product manager: “This enhancement will help LOs keep prospects moving forward, meet the needs of their clients and originate more loans.”

Connect with a Surefire representative to learn how its SimpleNexus integration can drive efficiency for your business!

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