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Mortgage Marketing Tools

Mortgage Marketing Tools Every Loan Officer Needs Today

Jul 21, 2020

The role of the loan officer in today’s mortgage world has changed in many ways, especially when it comes to a loan officer’s mortgage marketing tools. In others, it remains the same.

It seems like forever ago that loan officers dropping rate sheets on each desk in the local real estate agent’s office and chatting with anyone on up-time at that moment was all it took to secure a steady influx of business.  Mind you, you still needed to be good at what you did and have the back-office folks to not detract from that.

Today, it’s still about sourcing leads and building solid relationships; doing your job well; and having the pricing and programs that keep you viable in the market. And of course, the back-office support is still key too. Yet, the way we go about our jobs and the mortgage marketing tools we use to achieve our goals has changed.

Gone are paper rate sheets and program flyers. Driving from office to office doesn’t make much sense; employing mortgage marketing automation does. Why drive your car when, with a few clicks, you can blanket your entire database with co-branded, value-added, professionally developed content designed to win a loyal following of agents? And these are not the agents hanging around the coffee maker–rather, they’re the ones that are out showing houses.


Give Surefire a Try!

The best way to find out what we offer is to try it out yourself. We’re confident that you’ll like what you see.

It’s never to say that visibility and old-fashioned face-to-face meetings are not of value. They are. It is to say that maximizing your reach through the proper use of digital mortgage software gives you so much more coverage and ultimately, the time and tools needed to impress your clients and keep the deals in your pipeline flowing smoothly.

The second-best thing we can do as loan officers is to always remember our clients and the person that referred them.

The very best thing we can do as loan originators is to make sure our clients and referral partners never forget our names. We do that these days, not with a notebook stuffed with business cards and records of every deal we’ve ever done. We do it with a purpose-built CRM for mortgage loan officers.

Having and maintaining a mortgage database is critical. In fact, not having one costs far more in missed loans and income than you could ever spend in having the best mortgage CRM on the planet. It would be a serious challenge to remember every client and agent in your book, and that’s why it’s the best thing ever that you don’t have to.

Staying in touch without lifting a finger through the deployment of automated campaigns keeps you top of mind with your past clients. Nothing could be more important than assuring that someone you helped years ago to purchase their first home knows where and how to reach you. It’s also important that at any time, they know if they’re eligible and can benefit from refinancing or even how readily they may be able to trade-up to their dream home.

Offering this kind of service to clients doesn’t require hours and days of analyzing and envelope stuffing. It can happen while you sleep. As a result, having the time to nurture your deals and the referrals that follow is great for your clients, and great for you. If you haven’t yet deployed a mortgage marketing tool to automate your marketing efforts, don’t wait another day and lose another deal that you would otherwise never knew existed. A great place to start, and a better place to finish, is booking a demo.

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