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Mortgage Compliance: What You Need to Know

Feb 12, 2021

We could write a full course on the intricacies of mortgage compliance, and we still wouldn’t cover it all. The laws and regulations are too numerous, and they vary across states and municipalities.

Despite this blog post’s title, there’s really no way we can tell you what you need to know about the topic in a quick article.

But please stay with us.

We can tell you a few things that will help you deliver mortgage marketing programs that meet mortgage compliance regulations without making your job more difficult.

First Thing to Know About Mortgage Compliance: It’s Vital (but you already knew that)


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Though we often complain about them, we have to admit that mortgage compliance regulations can protect consumer rights and secure a housing market where all borrowers are treated equally. In the end, a healthy market that responsibly serves all borrowers is a good thing for all of us.

And when we adhere to mortgage compliance rules, we protect ourselves and our companies from large, potentially devastating fines.

Second Thing to Know About Mortgage Compliance: You’re Not In It Alone

When it comes to mortgage marketing, you have a partner in the compliance business. When you use a strong, mortgage-specific CRM like Surefire, we’ll have your back. Here are just a few areas we address:

You can access records of every communication sent through the system, so you can answer audit requests when federal regulators come around. If you need more than the self-service reports, we’re here to help you dig deeper.

You set up your licensing information once, then it populates automatically on all communications. If you’re a marketing executive for a large lender, you can set up different license blurbs for child orgs, so every single LO uses the proper notifications every single time.

Surefire CRM has opt-out capabilities to meet CAN-SPAM, DNC and TCPA requirements. Your contacts can easily opt-out from emails, calls and texts, and we’ll make sure you’re no longer able to contact them, so you don’t inadvertently break the rules.

We help you with value sharing so you can address RESPA requirements when you cobrand with real estate partners.

We provide a means for your compliance department to review and approve communications. We’ll even keep track of who approved the communications and when.

We offer tools so you can edit marketing content, even online calculators and interactives, to add or edit disclaimers and more.

Third Thing to Know About Mortgage Compliance: Even Surefire Can’t Do It All

While we’d like to claim that we can guarantee your marketing is in compliance when delivered through Surefire, we simply can’t. And no other CRM can make a similar promise. Different companies interpret the rules differently and are comfortable with different levels of risk.

We make every effort to create compliant content and to give you the tools you need to alter it according to the level of compliance your company requires. But your compliance officers still will need to be involved. That’s just a fact of life in the mortgage industry.

However, we can say that we make it easy for you and your compliance officers, and that’s not something every CRM provider can claim. Want to see for yourself? Schedule a demo and give us a try. We’re confident you’ll like what you see.

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