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May Executive Chat: Finding Balance

May 20, 2021

‘Finding balance’ is a theme that’s been on my mind a lot lately. Here in Atlanta, social distancing policies are relaxing just in time for summer, and like most of you, I’m ready to get out in the world again — while balancing my eagerness for human interaction with a healthy dose of personal safety with social responsibility, of course. 

Mortgage marketing is a balancing act, too. How do you make every customer feel special, yet make relationship-building scalable? How do you stay ‘top of mind’ long enough to clinch your customer’s next loan without overloading them with too much communication? How much of your outreach should be conducted by phone or text, and how much should be accomplished with print or email instead?


Give Surefire a Try!

The best way to find out what we offer is to try it out yourself. We’re confident that you’ll like what you see.

Since our earliest days, we have offered solutions that help lenders strike the right balance with their mortgage marketing. If you’re looking for plug-and-play best practices you can put in place today to start seeing results tomorrow, look no further than our Blueprints for Success. These modules make it incredibly easy to elevate your unique brand and achieve a major marketing impact with minimal hands-on effort. 

But we can do more than just offer guidance on the nuts and bolts of effective marketing programs. Did you know Top of Mind also has the internal know-how to answer “big picture” questions about your go-to-market strategy? For instance: Are you expanding into a new origination channel and wondering how to support the marketing needs of an entirely new team? Are you disappointed with the amount of business coming in from referral partners and looking for ways to co-market more effectively? Are you wondering if there are better ways to generate new leads than buying them from an aggregator?

Our team has over 450 years of combined experience serving the mortgage industry, and what’s more, we want to help you succeed.

If you haven’t already met VP of Client Strategy Rick Webster, file his name away for future reference. From building Madison Avenue ad agencies to running sales and marketing for both bank and non-bank lenders, he’s the guy you want to consult with if you don’t have a CMO — or if your CMO would value a second opinion.

Kind regards,

Bill Hayes
CEO, Top of Mind Networks

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