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List Segmentation: How It Works and Why Lenders Need It

Mar 19, 2022

List segmentation is the turbocharger of mortgage marketing engines. It’s the key ingredient that takes bulk email blasts out of a clunky station wagon with room for everyone and places personalized, timely messages into a sleek sports car instead.

What is list segmentation?



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List segmentation is the process of breaking up a large contact list into groups based on common characteristics to allow for the distribution of targeted messaging.

For loan officers, marketing lists will typically include the following types of contacts:

  • Clients (people who have already closed a loan with the loan officer)
  • Leads (people who have not yet worked with the loan officer, sometimes also called prospects)
  • Referral partners
  • Business contacts
  • Personal/family contacts

Those aren’t the segments we’re talking about, though. Each of these can be divided many times over. Plus, segmented lists often intersect and overlap with one another, dipping into multiple contact types.  For example, if a loan officer wants to promote a recent closing to people in a certain zip code, the result will probably include people from each of the contact types.

What are some common segmented lists for loan officers?

In addition to zip code lists, loan officers might create lists for people with different loan types, interest rate ranges (greater than the current average rate, for example), and or future interests (buying their first home, refinancing, or investing in real estate).

Some common search criteria loan officers commonly use to segment their lists are:

  • Loan Status
  • Loan Type
  • Loan Rate
  • Loan Age
  • Current Housing Status (renter vs owner)
  • Prospect Type (primary residence purchase, refi, second home, investment)
  • Referral Partner Type

How does list segmentation work in a mortgage CRM?

A strong mortgage CRM can be used to create dynamic groups, which adjust along with the loan officer’s database. The loan officer sets up search criteria for a desired group, and every time they pull the group for a marketing message, the CRM will run a new search on the current database.

Segmentation of lists is typically talked about in terms of email marketing, but the possibilities are endless. Lists can be used to target postal mail, text messaging or phone calls, as well.

How does list segmentation help lenders?

List segmentation is a surefire way for lenders to kickstart their marketing and build their mortgage pipeline.

By creating specific groups among their contacts, loan officers can send just the right message to just the right type of person at just the right time.

If rates drop, a group with a current rate above a set threshold will be ripe for hearing about refinancing opportunities. If FHA releases new rules that make getting a mortgage easier for credit-challenged borrowers, a group with credit ratings below a certain level will certainly want to know about it.

On the other hand, if a loan officer continually blasts refinancing information to renters and first-time buyer messaging to established homeowners, contacts will tune out the communications at best and unsubscribe or otherwise sever the relationship at worst.

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Brian Larrabee
Brian Larrabee
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