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Integration Partner Spotlight: SimpleNexus

Jul 01, 2022

Mortgage lenders don’t always have effective systems for following up with early-stage loan applicants because marketing automation often relies on contact records that aren’t created until the loan application is complete. Failing to follow up with an incomplete application before those applicants move on with a competitor can cost lenders a huge chunk of their origination business.


Download the guide to text messaging for mortgage lenders.

Our integration with SimpleNexus solves that problem by pushing leads’ contact details to the Surefire CRM tool as soon as the application process starts. This enables mortgage lenders to deploy Surefire workflows and marketing communications from the pre-application phase and beyond.

Connecting Surefire CRM and the SimpleNexus point-of-sale (POS) platform offers lenders a measurable return on their tech stack investment by reducing turn times, guiding borrowers through each stage of the homebuying process, increasing loan application submissions, nurturing new prospect relationships and converting more leads into loans.

What is SimpleNexus?

SimpleNexus, an nCino (NASDAQ:NCNO) company, is an award-winning developer of a mobile-first digital mortgage platform that enables lenders to originate and process loans from anywhere. Lenders nationwide depend on the homeownership platform to unite the people, systems and stages of the mortgage process in an end-to-end solution that spans engagement, origination, closing and business intelligence.

About the Integration

Contact records are established in Surefire when a borrower or a referral partner downloads the loan officer’s (LO’s) SimpleNexus app to their phone. This enables our CRM’s powerful, rule-based Client for Life Workflows to immediately engage in real time so that timely, effective, and relevant mortgage marketing content is automatically pushed to the contact from the start of the application process.

A bi-directional application programming interface (API) sync agent pulls your contact list from Surefire and updates it in SimpleNexus automatically. That means every real estate partner, attorney, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Financial Planner or builder added to SimpleNexus is automatically synced as a referral contact in Surefire, enabling a seamless process to communicate effectively with all your referral partners.

Customer contact information, loan status, and communication preferences are also shared between the two systems so that LOs and their borrowers are never left out of the loop during the homebuying process.

About the Benefits

Our partnership with SimpleNexus facilitates an unparalleled client experience by being within reach anytime and anywhere through a mobile interface. While Surefire CRM keeps borrowers up to date with the status of their loan via informative, timely, eye-catching communications, SimpleNexus allows them to act immediately via a user-friendly mobile or desktop application.

Even if a borrower chooses to never finish their initial application, data sharing between SimpleNexus and Surefire CRM allow mortgage LOs to follow up again down the road with rate opportunity alerts and other timely outreach. Enhancements to the integration enable consumer data to flow both ways between the two systems. That way, LOs can collect any new or updated contacts from Surefire CRM and import them into SimpleNexus with just the push of a button.

What’s more, SimpleNexus nurtures long-lasting “from anywhere” connections with lenders’ referral partners by fostering ongoing collaboration among all parties in the homebuying process that compresses the time between loan application and closing — an enormous value-add for real estate professionals that want to provide a first-class client experience.

Referral partners can easily share with their clients a personalized SimpleNexus app that includes both the lender and partner’s contact information and custom links. Once a homebuyer signs into the app, the partner will receive automatic milestone updates as the client progresses through the credit approval process.

Getting Started

Activating the integration between SimpleNexus and your Surefire CRM is a trouble-free, plug-and-play experience. Simply reach out to your SimpleNexus representative, and they will work with the Surefire team to establish the necessary API connections with the SimpleNexus platform. A profile to host the integration will also be created within your Surefire account, with no additional fee required.

From there, it’s smooth sailing. The systems will communicate automatically via ongoing data syncs that typically occur every 5-15 minutes from the SimpleNexus system, depending on how often you modify your data within SimpleNexus.

You can even enhance your lending experience by building a powerful data-sharing trifecta between your SimpleNexus POS, Surefire CRM and one of our mutual loan origination software (LOS) integration partners. These shared LOS integrations include Black Knight’s Empower as well as third party LOS systems, including Encompass, Calyx Point, Byte, LendingQB and Mortgage Director.

Leveraging the integrated Surefire CRM and SimpleNexus platform is a simple, effective way to stay connected to borrowers throughout the loan process and beyond with a Customer for Life experience.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of using SimpleNexus and Surefire together.

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