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Integration Partner Spotlight: Sales Boomerang

Dec 22, 2022

If you ask any seasoned mortgage marketer, they will tell you that outreach is most effective when it is both timely and relevant. However, knowing which borrowers to engage and when can be tough without the right intel.

To help lenders connect with contacts who are in the market for a mortgage loan, Black Knight has developed a native integration between Surefire CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine and Sales Boomerang’s automated borrower intelligence and retention solution.

What is Sales Boomerang?


Download the guide to text messaging for mortgage lenders.

The Sales Boomerang automated borrower intelligence system transforms the relationship between mortgage lenders and borrowers with intelligent alerts that notify lenders as soon as a past customer or prospect is ready and credit-qualified for a loan. Sales Boomerang is the mortgage industry’s leading borrower retention tool and it helps lenders build lasting borrower relationships that maximize lifetime customer value.

About the Integration

The integration between Surefire CRM and Sales Boomerang enables the automatic deployment of Surefire CRM’s award-winning mortgage marketing content relevant to the type of loan opportunity alert triggered by Sales Boomerang. This powerful tech combo helps lenders be the first to reach out to high-intent borrowers and maintain a connection with them throughout the entire loan life cycle. What’s more, the integration allows for every new contact added in the Surefire CRM to be shared automatically with Sales Boomerang for monitoring, so manual contact transfers are not required.

Alerts within Sales Boomerang monitor market factors, consumer activity and financial criteria to determine homebuying intent with incredible accuracy. The platform’s “defensive” alerts trigger when a borrower takes an action such as applying for a mortgage with another lender or listing their home for sale. “Offensive” alerts trigger when a borrower meets certain criteria, such as attaining a target loan-to-value (LTV) ratio or credit score. Finally, Sales Boomerang’s “life event” alerts trigger when a consumer experiences a major life change that could alter their financial situation or goals.

The seamless connection integrates Sales Boomerang’s automated borrower intelligence alerts inside Surefire CRM. Once activated, mortgage loan originators (LOs) will receive reminders to pursue opportunities that Sales Boomerang uncovers within their contact databases. Surefire CRM’s automated communications workflows can be configured to use Sales Boomerang alerts as the jumping-off point for a stream of context-specific marketing delivered across multiple channels including email, phone calls, text messages and video.

About the Benefits

When used in tandem with Surefire CRM, Sales Boomerang automatically notifies LOs when an assigned contact triggers an alert and provides history of each contact’s past triggered alerts. These alerts, coupled with the customer details and outreach history in lenders’ Surefire CRM platform, enable LOs to initiate meaningful outreach any time they engage a past customer or prospect.

For instance, the Surefire Power Call feature improves the speed and convenience of reaching out to borrowers that have triggered a Sales Boomerang alert, helping LOs to boost profitability without sacrificing efficiency. Furthermore, Surefire CRM’s post-close Client for Life workflow is designed to generate repeat and referral business — a vision that aligns perfectly with Sales Boomerang’s No Borrower Left Behind™ motto, referring to the platform’s promise of turbocharging lenders’ customer retention rates.

The data connection between Surefire CRM and Sales Boomerang provides context that is particularly valuable for entry-level LOs. When reaching out to a prospect based on a Sales Boomerang alert, LOs can feel confident that they are reaching out to someone who is actually in the market for a loan, and not just another cold lead. What’s more, the time that junior and seasoned LOs alike save on cold-calling efforts can be dedicated to providing even better service to even more borrowers. By enabling mortgage advisors to engage more leads on a routine, manageable basis, lenders can prioritize customers that are most likely to result in a closed loan.

Because users can also configure Surefire CRM to automatically notify referral partners whenever an assigned contact triggers a Sales Boomerang alert, this integration is especially valuable for nurturing business relationships. For example, if a borrower lists their home for sale, a lender can automatically share Sales Boomerang’s listing alert with preferred real estate partners. Real estate agent recipients can then offer support in selling their current property and/or finding their next dream home. By bringing these valuable opportunities to real estate partners’ doorsteps, lenders are able to maintain relationships and earn additional purchase business.

Getting Started

Enhancing the borrower experience is the ultimate goal between these two systems and can be put into action out of the box.

Surefire CRM’s automated mortgage marketing combined with Sales Boomerang’s proactive loan opportunity alerts result in a tech partnership that helps lenders to ensure former loan customers and prospects feel valued across the entire homeownership journey.

Experience the value of Sales Boomerang and Surefire CRM’s integration firsthand by requesting a demo today.

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