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Integration Partner Spotlight: MonitorBase

Dec 01, 2022

For mortgage marketing campaigns to be truly effective in generating new business opportunities, lenders must ensure that relevant content is deployed to the right loan prospects at the right time. But how do you know who the right prospects are? And how do you know when they’re truly mortgage-ready? The answer is simple: Surefire’s powerful customer relationship management (CRM) solution and marketing engine integrated with automated data intelligence from MonitorBase.

What is MonitorBase?


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MonitorBase scans lenders’ databases of clients, contacts and leads to identify consumers who are in the market, or will soon be in the market, for a home loan. MonitorBase’s automated database monitoring alerts flag anyone who has just applied for a mortgage, improved their credit score or meets one of the hundreds of in-market predictors, such as a high rate or qualification for debt consolidation. This early insight into high-intent homebuyer opportunities helps lenders identify, engage and convert leads more proactively and effectively.

About the Integration

The data connection between Surefire CRM and MonitorBase enables seamless syncing of contacts between the two platforms. Lenders can then choose to enable MonitorBase’s credit monitoring for inquiry alerts, credit migration alerts, predictive marketing or a combination of all three options. If a Surefire user has created or selected alert-specific marketing content, the Surefire CRM can automatically distribute it to a borrower’s preferred communication channel once they trigger a MonitorBase alert in the lender’s database.

Inquiry alerts let lenders know when a contact in their database has applied for a mortgage with a competitor. This insight enables lenders to reach out and retain their clients before they get too far in the process with a competitor. Migration alerts trigger when someone in a lender’s database has had a significant enough improvement in their credit to now meet the minimum credit requirements of that institution. Finally, predictive marketing alerts layer multiple forms of predictive analytics to determine when consumers are gearing up to buy a home, sell their current home, refinance or take out an equity-related loan.

About the Benefits

The data connection between MonitorBase and Surefire enables automated monitoring of a lender’s entire prospect database, so loan officers are instantly made aware if a prospect applies for a mortgage with another lender, improves their credit, lists their home for sale or exhibits other predictors of homebuyer intent. When a MonitorBase alert is triggered, lenders will also see that alert reflected in Surefire CRM should the user want a list created. By eliminating the need for system-hopping and allowing users to more easily find and engage high-intent leads, the integration between MonitorBase and Surefire helps lenders boost efficiency and productivity.

The integration between Surefire and MonitorBase also enables lenders to deliver high-intent new clients to their real estate referral partners. For instance, if a borrower triggers a credit monitoring alert but is still unaware that they can qualify for a loan, a lender can send a credit offer and connect them with a local real estate partner who can help kickstart the homebuying journey.

MonitorBase alerts help ensure that automated mortgage marketing from Surefire is always timely and relevant to the recipient’s financial situation. MonitorBase will also automatically send offers of credit via email or direct mail on a lender’s behalf, helping to generate a consistent stream of inbound leads and helping cut the time loan originators spend on cold outreach and prospecting. It also makes getting home financing even easier for first-time homebuyers who are not yet familiar with the mortgage process.

Getting Started

Activating MonitorBase credit monitoring alerts in Surefire can be done in a few easy steps. Simply log in to your Surefire account, go to the Development Center and search for “MonitorBase” in the available subscriptions. Then, select which workflows you would like to use — Migration, Predictive or Inquiry — and click “Subscribe.”

MonitorBase’s database marketing alerts enable lenders to more easily maintain a steady stream of new mortgage applications without stretching their budget. To learn more, check out MonitorBase’s interactive pricing tool and request a 30-day free trial.

Contact the MonitorBase sales team to request your integration with Surefire be enabled!

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