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Integration Partner Spotlight: Mobility Market Intelligence (MMI)

Aug 02, 2022

Building strong real estate agent referral relationships is essential to lead generation for mortgage lenders. However, with so many agents on the ground, it can be tricky for loan officers to hone their referral partner outreach.


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To solve this challenge, more lending institutions are leveraging data intelligence tools like MobilityRE’s Mobility Market Intelligence (MMI) to assess current marketplace productivity and build referral networks that best support their marketing strategies.

Of course, identifying productive referral partnerships with data intelligence is only the first step. Lenders must also be well-equipped to act on that intelligence. By funneling data from MMI to the Surefire CRM’s automated mortgage marketing platform, lenders can develop and automate co-branded marketing content that can convert more leads and drive referrals.

What is MMI?

MMI is a market leader in data intelligence and market insight tools for the mortgage and real estate industries. By accessing an unrivaled database of comprehensive real estate and mortgage production data, MMI’s enterprise customers can identify partner networks that best support their business objectives by gaining granular insight into lenders, loan officers and real estate agents by region and individual transactions.

About the Integration

The one-way integration allows lenders to move market data from the MMI platform seamlessly into Surefire CRM. By transmitting up-to-date contact information for real estate agents, mortgage brokers and loan officers into Surefire CRM’s automated marketing platform, the integration with MMI enables lenders to better inform their recruiting workflows and identify top-performing real estate agents and loan officers.

The MMI connection also allows lenders to assess current marketplace productivity and act on competitive intelligence that aligns with their unique marketing strategies and goals. For example, lenders can use MMI to identify in real-time which real estate agents are closing the most loans of a given type in a specific geographical area, as well as receive alerts when realtors add new listings. Lenders looking to increase their book of purchase business in a specific region can use MMI data to find the best real estate partnerships to pursue — giving them more time to focus on closing loans.

About the Benefits

Lenders need referral partners to funnel them new leads. The integration with MMI helps alleviate lenders’ recruiting challenges by empowering them with a comprehensive turnkey solution for engaging real estate agents, brokers and loan originators at scale to grow business. MMI and Surefire CRM allow lenders to easily find the referral partner data they need, then seamlessly connect with those partners via Surefire CRM’s recruiting workflows and Blueprints for Success.

Notably, the benefits of using MMI and Surefire CRM in conjunction with one another are not limited to lenders. The integration also helps real estate agents get in contact with loan officers, forge mutually productive business relationships and offer clients a more streamlined homebuying experience.

Getting Started

Activating the data connection between MMI and Surefire CRM is a plug-and-play experience that only requires a few clicks to complete, so lenders can begin looking for opportunities to build their network right away.

To get started, simply click to establish MMI API keys in the Surefire CRM platform — no additional software or fees are required. Once a user conducts a search and identifies the loan officer or real estate agent they want to engage with, they simply open the contact record and push it to Surefire CRM with a single click. That data will then appear inside Surefire CRM, and the contact will automatically be enrolled in a real estate agent workflow or a recruit workflow that triggers the appropriate outreach automatically.

Lenders can even customize the integration to fit the unique needs of their business. Though users are given the option to “set and forget” the connection between Surefire and MMI using a dedicated Blueprint for Success for the integration, lenders also have the option to customize what particular action is taken when a certain type of contact is uploaded to Surefire CRM from MMI.

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