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Integration Partner Spotlight: Floify

Oct 06, 2022

Mortgage marketing campaigns boosted by a tightly connected tech stack can help lenders stay ahead of the competition. Surefire’s API integration with Floify does just that, by enabling lenders to accomplish more with intelligently automated communication that enhances lender productivity, borrower experience and referral partner relationships.

What is Floify?


Download the guide to text messaging for mortgage lenders.

Floify is a digital mortgage point-of-sale (POS) solution that streamlines the loan process with a single sign-on portal where borrowers can navigate the home financing journey from application to close. Floify enables borrowers to complete an application, upload supporting documentation, electronically sign (eSign) disclosures and monitor the status of their loan in a single location via desktop or mobile device. LOs can use the platform to manage loan progress, message loan stakeholders and close loans faster.

About the Integration

Surefire’s direct API integration with Floify effortlessly transfers contact and loan file data between the two systems in real time. This bi-directional syncing of contact records and loan milestones enables lenders to deploy Surefire’s powerful mortgage marketing automation at every stage in the loan life cycle, helping to enhance the homebuying experience and shorten times to close. Surefire automatically brands and customizes templates from its award-winning creative content library to communicate loan status updates so LOs can focus on originating loans.

Any time an LO adds a loan in Floify or receives a Uniform Residential Loan Application (Form 1003), a new contact is automatically created in Surefire. Not only does this data-syncing ensure contacts never go overlooked or unrecorded, it also saves LOs time on communication and mitigates recordkeeping errors by eliminating manual data entry.

About the Benefits

Whether using Floify’s native app for iOS and Android or its web-based interface, LOs can use Floify to monitor pipelines, collect borrower documentation and keep real estate agent partners updated in real time from any device. With Floify and Surefire working in tandem, lenders can also generate and deploy interactive marketing content like mortgage calculators that keep homebuyers engaged and informed throughout the loan process.

Surefire and Floify support all the mortgage tasks that LOs need to effectively and remotely serve borrowers. With Floify providing mobile applications and originations — and with Surefire keeping borrowers engaged via digital marketing channels like text message — lenders can offer a truly modern mortgage experience. After a loan closes, contacts can be enrolled in Surefire’s Client for Life workflows that help lenders generate repeat and referral business down the line.

By giving LOs a secure, centralized environment to request documentation that borrowers can remotely sign and submit, Floify offers greater transparency and self-sufficiency for borrowers, LOs and real estate agents. What’s more, by automatically nudging applicants who still need to submit documents in Floify, Surefire helps lenders improve application conversion and work more efficiently. As it tracks loan progress, Floify also helps increase lenders’ real estate agent retention by keeping them informed with automated milestone updates — updates that are made even more eye-catching with content from Surefire.

Floify and Surefire share established integrations with many of the industry’s leading loan origination systems (LOS), including Encompass, LendingPad, MeridianLink and ByteSoftware. Combining Floify and Surefire with an LOS creates a holistic digital experience that allows lenders to seamlessly manage loan files and applications, generate disclosures and submit files to underwriters. It also mitigates human error during the loan documentation process and enables originators to spend more time serving customers and focusing on their bottom line.

Getting Started

Activating the integration between Surefire and Floify is a simple process. First, a branch manager or administrator must grant users permission to activate the integration in their Surefire CRM settings. Approved users can then turn on the integration within their Surefire CRM profile and begin using the systems in tandem right away.

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Black Knight’s products and services are not provided or endorsed by Floify LLC. Floify’s products and services are not provided or endorsed by Black Knight, Inc.

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