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How to Create a Mortgage Marketing Newsletter that Converts

Oct 06, 2020

Mortgage marketing newsletters are a common approach used by loan officers to stay in touch with their prospects, clients and referral partners. Commercially available mortgage newsletter or lead generation services publish versions that get no more serious than the latest meatloaf recipe and range all the way to heavy-hitting, mortgage jargon offering weekly analysis of the mechanics and performance of the mortgage-backed securities market.

Many will argue the benefits of one email mortgage marketing approach over the other, and that carries right through to the consumer, so to each his own. However, what is truly the right balance to strike if you want your own mortgage newsletters to be read, and more importantly, convert readers to applicants?

How to know what mortgage marketing newsletters to send?


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The best way to determine what style, substance and medium you want to use is to think long and hard about who you are marketing to and for what reason. This may sound obvious as of course: you want to email mortgage newsletters to prospects and referral partners, so they use or refer you, right?

The hurdle to overcome, however, is that while people will fall into categories, they’re still all different.

These differences may be in their interests (or lack thereof); their position relative to you; their seriousness or lack of same; their tastes; or their inclination to learn or preference to be entertained while someone else (meaning you) does the heavy lifting.

Determining what to send or post to social media for such a potentially diverse group is more about segmentation and targeting than it is about picking a generic, middle-of-the-road approach.

But how do I send out mortgage marketing newsletters?

That’s easier than you think. For starters, separate your contacts or email lists into the appropriate categories. For instance, referral partners are usually industry professionals, and the content that will appeal to them is generally going to be industry-specific and helpful. In other words, help make their job easier or make them more knowledgeable.

Consumers, on the other hand, may not care about mortgage marketing newsletters. At least, that is, until they are in the home buying process or want to be, and as a result, are receptive to the actual information of value.

Even within these groups, there are more lead generation categories. Is your prospect list made up of past clients AND unknowns that you have adopted as a lead? Ideally, you’d want to “speak” to them differently. One has shown trust and, hopefully, you earned that. The other may not be there yet so you still must prove yourself to them.

Does the answer to all this segmentation mean multiple email mortgage newsletters?

Ideally, yes. It’s simple, the more you target the who and provide them with what they need, the more you’ll get what YOU want.

Give real estate agents timely information they aren’t getting elsewhere and do it in a fashion that is easy and quick to digest.

Give past clients information about their loan and their home that’s relative to them and the current market conditions. After all, have you ever been referred to assist in the largest financial obligation of someone’s life because you shared a new meatloaf recipe?

Give prospects the information they need to secure the best possible deal on their home and loan. Destroy the myths they probably believe by surfing old info on the web. Give them straight facts vs. hyperbole. Teach them something they didn’t know that’s to their benefit vs. your own. As in the end, that’ll likely be to your benefit after all.

How to manage a diverse set of email mortgage messaging and recipients.

Let’s face it. You’re busy, or you need to be. And you don’t need to be busy producing mortgage newsletters every week and month. What you need is to be taking apps and closing loans. You need to let someone else whose mission is to produce great content for you to do their thing.

You also need an up-to-date system to manage all your contacts into proper distribution groups so you can share content that’ll be helpful to them, and especially, at exactly the time that they need it.

A CRM system purpose-built for the mortgage industry already loaded with daily, weekly and any-time-you-need-it shareable content is just what’s needed. The good news is that it’s available from Top of Mind Networks right now. Why not schedule a demo to see the Surefire system in action today?

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