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How Important is Content in Your Digital Mortgage Software?

Jul 28, 2020

Consumers are more comfortable than ever conducting financial transactions online. Loan originators are increasingly adopting digital mortgage software to allow borrowers to apply for financing from their phones, tablets and desktops. For the best results, the most successful mortgage companies keep going from there. They pair their software solutions with mortgage marketing content from an industry-leading provider.

How can loan originators incorporate content in their digital mortgage software?

Digital mortgage software is an application that enables consumers to apply for a mortgage online. Many versions allow consumers to upload documentation and link to bank or brokerage accounts.

When shopping for digital mortgage software, loan originators will seek assurances of security and timely updates to comply with ever-changing rules. Of course, they’ll need integration with their LOS and their own back-office systems, too.

Savvy loan officers aren’t going to stop there. Instead, they’ll look for systems that can integrate with a content provider.

Many platforms come with only basic in-app messaging to guide the borrower through questions. While these messages are adequate, they aren’t likely to be helpful beyond the application itself. And in the ideal world, most communication with the borrower will take place after the application is complete.

By integrating their digital mortgage software with an industry leading content provider, ideally as part of a full mortgage CRM, loan originators will have the best of both worlds – an online loan application along with expertly crafted messaging that keeps borrowers informed and engaged during the application process and long afterward.


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One popular way to marry your marketing content and the online application process is a “nudge campaign.” A prospective borrower will receive a text or email if they abandon an application before full completion, nudging them to log back in and complete the next step. Messages will provide encouragement and insight into the process.

A mortgage CRM can also trigger automated communications to deal team members, including those within the mortgage company and real estate agents, to keep them updated on the applicant’s progress. These communications can be vital to salvaging a deal if a borrower stalls during the application process.

When the loan application and CRM are integrated, the required information will flow automatically into the CRM database. The loan originator will be set to communicate with the borrower through the approval process, closing and beyond.

With no need for duplicate manual entry, the loan officer will save time and reduce the likelihood of data entry mistakes. Plus, the borrower is more likely to receive on-time in-process and post-close messages.

Why choose an industry leading content provider?

In the home financing industry, compliance comes first. Content providers and CRM platforms designed specifically for the mortgage industry will offer the tools to help mortgage companies monitor compliance throughout a customer life cycle. This is a powerful complement to any digital mortgage software solution. Options should include:

 Approval process for all content

  • Organizational logic to ensure required disclosures and legal statements are always included
  • Adherence to the CAN-SPAM Act
  • Appropriate value sharing for cobranded communications
  • Ability to audit marketing activities

Additionally, an industry-leading provider will have the experience, dedicated staff members, and proven results to create better marketing materials. Loan originators are more likely to find solutions specific to a borrower’s needs and the loan process rather than generic sales messages.

For example, a mortgage industry content provider’s library will include:

  • Motivational messaging for different life cycle stages, including lead, prospect, in-process, and post-close
  • Targeted content for different types of prospects, such as first-time buyers, trade-up buyers and refinance prospects
  • Educational materials for different aspects of the loan process, from credit building to qualifying to preparing documentation all the way through refinancing
  • A variety of mortgage calculators
  • Choices for messaging, designs, and media types (email, video, print, text, social)
  • Single property sites and other mortgage landing pages
  • Timely industry-related messages

As the mortgage industry’s #1 most used CRM, Top of Mind’s Surefire offers a perfect match for digital mortgage software solutions.  Let us show you around. Book your own personal tour today!

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