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Embracing Marketing Automation to Drive Speed and Engagement Inside Consumer Direct

Mar 11, 2021

Marketing automation gives precious time back to loan originators while improving the borrower journey. Tech-savvy borrowers have arrived. They are looking for a personalized experience that offers the ability to engage with companies across multiple channels. Today’s borrower expects the mortgage experience to be timely, customized and digital. Expectations have changed, and lenders are challenged to meet the demand.

To engage with customers on their terms, mortgage companies need to innovate with the right technology to help them enhance customer experience and drive scalable growth. A mortgage CRM with the right marketing automation tools can help consumer direct teams meet the challenge of speed and engagement.

What are some of the challenges facing consumer direct lenders?

One of the biggest challenges consumer direct lenders face is meeting service levels and growing long-lasting relationships with digital homebuyers. Without the right mix of marketing automation and technology in place, delivering a personalized, five-star experience with every loan can be challenging to manage as consumer demand evolves.

Since consumer direct loan officers deal with a higher volume of leads versus their retail counterparts, many find it difficult to manage ongoing communication. Continuing to engage with borrowers is critical in the customer journey, and many deals are lost when loan officers are not following up effectively with their clients.

Winning the speed-to-lead game is another challenge facing consumer direct teams. Companies without the right platform and marketing automation tools risk losing deals to competitors with the appropriate technology in place.

How do consumer direct lenders embrace marketing automation technology to meet the demand?


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Adopting marketing automation technology can rapidly improve communication and engagement with borrowers. Consumer direct lenders who use marketing automation technology communicate faster with new leads and create personalized marketing workflows, freeing up more time for loan officers to simply originate.

Many consumer direct lenders choose Surefire, the best mortgage CRM, to give them the right automation and best mortgage marketing tools to gain an edge in the marketplace.

How does Surefire help consumer direct lenders with marketing automation?

Surefire is powering consumer direct teams with:

  • Effective lead management tools to automate lead nurturing, in-process, and post-close communication with borrowers throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
  • Built-in round robin lead assignment and lead scoring, helping lenders maximize lead performance.
  • Award-winning content that is personalized and automatically sent to the borrowers and referral partners. The content includes flyers that are customizable, compliant, and come with out-of-box distribution permissions.
  • Automated omnichannel outreach through text, phone, email, video, social media and print to ensure loan officers communicate with borrowers inside their preferred channels.
  • Power dialing technology that enhances the speed-to-lead story and grows outbound dial counts.
  • TCPA compliant text messaging capabilities that help loan officers send segmented and broadcasted communication to prospects and borrowers.

Having a mortgage marketing CRM like Surefire can help consumer direct mortgage companies meet ongoing consumer demand with the latest technology and digital marketing capabilities.

To learn more about Surefire and how we are helping mortgage companies meet customer demand, drive efficiency and elevate performance, contact us today at


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