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Are You Sharing Milestones Between Surefire CRM and Your Floify Mortgage POS?

Jun 04, 2021

Loan originators have more important things to do than worry about how to import contacts to Surefire from their POS. Thanks to Surefire’s direct API integration with Floify, CRM and POS data can be shared in real-time — effortlessly. This syncing of contact records and loan milestones allows lenders to deploy effective marketing automation at every stage in the loan lifecycle, enhancing the applicant experience and keeping Floify mortgage deals moving forward.

How the Surefire Integration With Floify Works


Request a personalized Floify demo to see how you can take advantage of the integration with Surefire.

With these two systems working in tandem, an LO will have the capacity to create a highly automated, yet personalized, application-to-loan experience for their borrowers

Every time an originator starts a loan flow in Floify or receives a loan application from an online 1003, a new contact is automatically created in the Surefire mortgage CRM (if it does not already exist). Not only does this data-syncing ensure contacts never go overlooked or unrecorded, but it also saves loan originators valuable time. It eliminates the risk of keystroke errors by removing the need for manual data entry.

When it comes to prospect marketing, speed to lead is essential. With Surefire CRM’s customizable marketing rules and workflows, lenders can start prospects on drip campaigns that trigger the instant a contact is created. But once a prospect fills out a loan application, it’s time to stop bombarding them with an overload of information and start providing relevant communication that keeps deals moving forward.

That’s why Floify’s ability to keep Surefire CRM up-to-date with automatic syncing of milestones and deal phases is so valuable. Knowing exactly where customers are on their journey makes it easy to deploy the right content at the right time.

For instance, Surefire CRM can dynamically generate and deploy interactive content that walks first-time homebuyers through what to expect during the Floify loan process. By automatically creating follow-up actions for LOs, nudging applicants who still need to submit documents and keeping stakeholders up to date on the loan’s status, Surefire CRM improves application conversion and loan pull-through while helping loan teams work more efficiently.

Request your Surefire CRM demo today to experience the mortgage industry’s #1 CRM.  Do you already use Top of Mind and Floify? In that case, our support team is standing by to help you integrate your systems. Reach out at

What Is Floify, anyway?

Floify is a digital mortgage point of sale (POS) solution that streamlines the loan process by providing a secure application, communication, and document delivery between lenders, borrowers, referral partners, and other mortgage stakeholders. Loan originators use the industry’s most advanced digital 1003 to collect and verify borrower documentation, track loan progress, communicate with borrowers and real estate agents, and close loans faster.

Floify stands out among other mortgage POS solutions because, unlike many Floify competitors, it was built from the ground up with the mobile experience in mind. The mobile-responsive user interface is cloud-based, meaning borrowers can access it online from any device without software installation. Alternatively, they can download the Floify app from the iOS or Android app stores.

Floify supports everything a loan originator needs to serve today’s mobile borrower — and to work productively on the go. Whether using the native app or web-based interface, loan originators can check pipeline status, collect borrower documentation, keep agent partners updated in real time and order services through Floify integrations with leading credit, document and VOA/VOI/VOE providers.

Another big differentiator is that, whereas Floify competitors often charge lenders per-loan fees, Floify supports flat-fee pricing with low monthly rates based on team size and structure. That kind of transparency has been an integral part of the culture ever since Dave Sims, Floify’s CEO, founded the company nearly a decade ago.

Request a personalized Floify demo to see how you can start streamlining your lending. If you’re already a Floify customer, get in touch with Floify customer service today to turn on the Surefire CRM integration.

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