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6 Digital Content Tips for More Effective Financial Services Marketing

Mar 08, 2021

While outsiders may think of financial services industry professionals as out of touch, we know better. So what if we’re not on TikTok or Clubhouse. Or Instagram. Facebook and YouTube are still relevant to the younger consumer, right?

The truth is, it’s hard for anyone to keep up. And mortgage marketing can occur on any number of channels, not just the hottest social media apps.

There are many reasons for financial marketers to resist digital marketing. The fact that we’re in a highly regulated and difficult-to-explain industry is at the top.

But if you’re ready to take that step – or even if you’ve been here a while – here are some tips for creating effective financial services marketing in a digital environment.

Financial Services Marketing Tip #1: Use timely content.

One advantage of digital distribution channels is they’re easy to update quickly. Use your social media channels, your email marketing, and your general content marketing to talk about the latest market news for at least three reasons:

  • You’ll never be at a loss for something to say.
  • You’ll always sound relevant because the news itself is relevant.
  • If you describe the news in a way that makes it obvious how it applies to the people reading, you’ll be considered a trustworthy expert.

Financial Services Marketing Tip #2: Engage your audience.


Give Surefire a Try!

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People will remember what you’re saying better if they interact with the message, so give them something to do.

Do you want them to understand how a refinance can save them money? Provide an interactive tool that allows them to plug in their own numbers and see for themselves. Share a simple calculator to help them envision their investment after 30 years – bonus points if it shows more than numbers (maybe flying cars?).

If the message you’re sending doesn’t work with a fancy interactive tool or calculator, try posing a question. As a consumer, it’s hard to scroll by a message that asks you a question without spending at least a few brain cells contemplating a response. The best questions, the ones that are most relevant to your situation, will get you to stay awhile. Pose those sorts of questions in your financial services marketing.

Financial Services Marketing Tip #3: Make it snappy.

People don’t have time or energy to read a treatise on the performance of investment properties, the benefits of one type of college savings plan over another, or the cost/benefit of a loan product. Well, they don’t often choose to spend their time or energy on those things, anyway. They seem to have lots of space in their lives for cat videos.

It’s important to make your digital content easy to digest, and you should not have to include a cute kitten to do it. Focus on keeping your message short; using bolding, color and graphics to make it easy to scan; and focusing your message on one primary topic.

One of Surefire CRM’s most popular content pieces is the weekly Markets in a Minute, which illustrates mortgage rate movement and presents three short newsy blurbs on both the financial and housing markets. The idea is that the recipient can catch up on what’s happening in the mortgage industry’s world in just a minute.

Financial Services Marketing Tip #4: Get personal.

Go beyond adding the recipient’s first name or even their preferred name to your email subject line! While it’s important, at this point, everyone just sort of expects it.

In addition, consider incorporating one-to-one video into your marketing campaigns. Whether you include it in an email, a text message or social media message, you’re bound to make a good impression and build customer trust when you speak directly to your recipient.

You can use a script for common events – like a birthday, loan closing or someone’s big investment with you – but be sure to add a personal touch, too. Wish them luck on a big event coming up, send greetings to their family (and call their spouse by name), or mention news related to their business or industry.

Another way to add a personal touch to your marketing is to use videos of yourself welcoming clients or explaining concepts on your website and landing pages. Hearing your voice and seeing your mannerisms as you speak will make potential clients feel like they know you, even before you meet.

Financial Services Marketing Tip #5: Put them in the story.

If you’ve been researching marketing at all, you’ve probably heard that you should tell stories. How do you do that anyway? Here are some ideas:

  • In that one-to-one video, share a success story that your potential clients can relate to and imagine themselves in.
  • In your landing page video or in your website text, tell your own story or share a story of particular success. Help your potential clients see that you can help with unusual situations (because just about everyone thinks their situation is unusual!).
  • Present a calculator or interactive tool that encourages potential clients to plug in their own numbers. By doing so, you’re inviting them to imagine themselves in a story they’re creating for themselves.
  • Relate the timely news you share to customer experience. Are rates and home prices rising? You want your customers to get into the homes of their dreams now before they are out of reach.

Financial Services Marketing Tip #6: Be consistent.

It doesn’t matter what you’re marketing; you’ll get better results with consistency. Consumers need to hear the same message or from the same professional several times before they act.

It’s easy for financial marketers to set up a consistent brand awareness campaign and targeted messaging with the help of a full-service CRM platform that will automate messages based on triggered rules, workflows and recurring deployments.

Surefire CRM has long been the most used in the mortgage industry. We have email marketing campaigns and multi-channel workflows set for typical borrower scenarios, along with Blueprints for Success that make implementation fast and easy. Sign up today for a demo. We just know you’re going to love it!

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