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4 Proven Mortgage Marketing Tips for Loan Officers in 2021

Apr 01, 2021

If you are in the mortgage industry and have experience with digital mortgage marketing, you may already know what works for you. Yet given the period we’ve just been through; chances are you may have been too busy to keep up your regular marketing campaigns. That’s okay though, as that makes this a great time to re-assess and, especially, to take advantage of what is hopefully a new stock of clients served over the past year.

It can be hard at times, particularly when dealing with what can be overwhelming volumes of business, to be prudent about managing your database. Loans close, and rather than sitting down to get all the details logged, you’re busy moving on to the next fire drill. Yet, next to your pipeline of loans in process, your database is your most valuable asset, and arguably even more valuable.

The saving grace here is that it’s not too late to go back and get that done. After all, those new home buying or refi mortgage loan clients are the ones who are going to be the best targets of your mortgage marketing content efforts.

It’ll not sound new to those of us loan officers who have always marketed to existing or past clients, but for those who have spent too much time chasing rate-shopper leads and competing with a dozen other lenders for that person’s business at razor-thin margins, the comparative effort of soliciting for warm leads and repeat business is far easier AND hugely more productive.

One of the best things about maintaining a good database and utilizing that via a loan CRM program to grow your business is that beyond the cost of the CRM, there is none. No advertising fees, no purchased mortgage leads, no open house lunches for real estate agents, etc. Just keep your CRM up to date and let it work for you.

Following are four tips that are easy to follow and, in fact, don’t take much effort at all when using the right mortgage software systems to deploy a comprehensive mortgage marketing plan.

Mortgage marketing is all in the details.


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Knowing your clients and treating them professionally, if not even like a friend when appropriate, helps to assure they’ll return the favor. Your goal is simple: make sure they know your name and how to contact you when the need arises. That of course extends to knowing where to refer their friends, family, co-workers and others too.

Treating and knowing them well is as simple as being diligent about populating your database with every detail you can about their loan, their general info, email address, mobile number for texts, and their life info too. As well, including all the other related parties to the transaction from real estate agents to attorneys. Add all the qualifying details for employment and credit and the things that matter most to them – like family, hobbies, interests and whatever else they may be passionate about. All of this makes for real conversation and enables you to get beyond the transactions alone. This is where clients for life are made.

Use mortgage marketing automation to set it and forget it.

As a mortgage banker or mortgage broker, you’re busy. Or you want to be. Achieving the kind of client relationships mentioned above takes regular contact. Not overdone, but frequently enough to firmly relay the fact that you have never forgotten your clients, their loan(s), and what’s important to them. This can be easier than you think by simply deploying an ongoing series of automated communication. There’s no easier way to guarantee top-of-mind awareness with your clients while investing precious little time to achieve it.

Mortgage marketing helps you remember the special occasions.

As part of your effort to maintain contact and to become more than just a transactional service person, remembering your clients’ important milestones like birthdays and loan anniversaries along with any holidays they may celebrate will differentiate you from competitors.

Ask for the business.

Along with assuring that your name and contact info are never forgotten and always available, you also need to let your clients know that your business is dependent on them – not only on the business that they did but on their referrals as well. Some will know this by experience or just intuitively; others will be surprised by the need yet happy to help you engage with new potential clients.

It’s all really simple overall. Do your best. Be professional, and that doesn’t just mean courteous. It also means being knowledgeable and an expert at executing your trade. Putting a system in place behind that is the only other thing needed to make mortgage marketing work for you. Not cheesy gimmicks, nor expensive ads, not unreal rates or working with thin margins. Just honest professionalism and outstanding follow-up before, during and after the closing.

No one will want to refer you if you didn’t do a good job, and no one can refer you if they don’t remember your name. However, if you simply do these two things well, they’ll never forget you, they’ll want to refer you, and they’ll always know where to reach you.

Are you great at the first part, or want to be and only need help automating your social media, email marketing, text, phone and even physical mail campaigns for the before, during and after? Click the link here for a Surefire demo and find out how to perfect the mortgage marketing world, and always be top of mind with your prospects and clients alike, for life.

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