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3 Things to Include in Your Next Mortgage Marketing Video

Oct 23, 2020

Many loan officers are using personal mortgage marketing videos to enhance their marketing efforts. Whether you narrate a YouTube video for your channel or record yourself on your phone or laptop for a quick text, personal videos can make you stand out from the faceless crowd of online ads touting low rates.

Here are three ideas for your next (or your first!) mortgage marketing video.

Tell a story in your next mortgage marketing video.


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Stories are especially effective for drawing in viewers and getting them to watch to the end. And think of the stories the typical loan officer has to tell!

Okay, you may want to keep some of those to yourself.

But your social media followers would probably tune in for a quick update on how you overcame obstacles to help a family move into their first home. They’d probably like to hear a feel-good story about someone helped by the charity your office supports. And they’ll likely be glad to celebrate with you after a successful closing.

Show off your personality in your next mortgage marketing video.

Do you have a favorite sports team? A pet to introduce? Maybe you have an idiom or phrase you say a lot or a motto you live by. Consider sharing a little of yourself. Personal details are interesting and will help viewers remember you.

For your next in-depth mortgage marketing video, share your screen.

You can use screen recordings to share your expertise, establish yourself as an expert and explain complicated mortgage concepts.

One easy way to do this is to record a Zoom meeting, with you as the only participant. Use video to show yourself first and introduce the topic, then share your screen as you explain. You get bonus points if your image stays visible while you speak.

Use this tactic to demonstrate a simple pre-qualification or refi calculator, to talk about rate movement, or to walk borrowers through the completion of a common form.

Creating Personalized Videos is Easy With Surefire!

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