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3 Reasons Why New Buyers Prefer SMS Mortgage Marketing

Nov 09, 2020

Reason #1 New Buyers Prefer SMS Mortgage Marketing:

Younger buyers have grown up with technology at their fingertips: computers, laptops, tablets and, of course, the smartphone. Ever heard of the saying, “Email is for old people?” In the business world, mortgage marketing email and newer services like Slack are still the favored forms of communication.

Yet, many new or first-time real estate buyers are not using typical business channels to communicate; they’re simply looking for a place to call home in their own time and space. Loan officers deploying SMS mortgage marketing are reaching them right in their pockets.


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Reason #2 New Buyers Prefer SMS Mortgage Contact Management:

Mortgage email marketing may be pretty easy to use on your smartphone and easier still on your computer. Yet, SMS mortgage marketing perfectly fits the home buying nature and, more particularly, the home shopping process.

Virtual home tours are increasingly accessible, and for a while, were a necessity. Yet few buyers consummate a transaction without stepping foot in a home. This, of course, means that they’re out on the road touring homes at some point in the process. If you want to be available at the instant that they need you, you should never be more than a quick text away. Effective text message marketing puts you there.

Successful loan officers know that a single SMS marketing effort won’t typically be enough. It takes repeated and truly helpful messaging to break through the clutter buyers are probably dealing with. You may not be the only mortgage broker they spoke with for pre-qualification, and if they’ve viewed homes online, they are now being barraged with relevant ads whenever they’re on the internet.

Think for a moment about how you use SMS on your phone. Isn’t it mostly for friends, family or groups of like-minded people that you share an interest, hobby or pastime with? It’s often that last realm of semi-private places we hold dear in our otherwise wide-open digital lives.

If you’ve broken into that inner circle with your mortgage clients and prospects, that’s saying something. Staying there says even more. Be there when the time is right and when those prospects are ready to make an offer, they’ll be saying what you want to hear—they’re prepared to move forward.

Reason #3 New Buyers Prefer SMS Mortgage Contact Management:

The key to success is that if you keep your messaging on point, not too much, not too little, never spammy and always helpful – then your potential clients WANT YOU there. We know that younger or first-time buyers can be nervous nellies, and they’ll want that instant assurance of your blessing for their offer. Better still if that blessing comes in the form of a near real-time pre-approval specific to that offer. 

Some studies show there’s a dopamine release when our phones notify us of a new text message. Email just doesn’t have the same open rates. For most users, SMS means they’ll see at least most of your message as a notification on the screen, whether they actually open it or not.  

Basing a mortgage marketing campaign on SMS or at least including it in the mix, so you’re a known entity on your prospect’s phone, is simply one of the best places to invest your efforts. And again, this is especially true for the younger generations of potential home buyers. 

Give it a try, and when they opt-in to your SMS mortgage marketing, congratulate yourself for breaking through to that inner sanctum of preferred contacts. You won’t regret it, and you will start enjoying those little dopamine hits yourself, especially when they say, “Our offer to purchase a home was just accepted! What do we do next?” 

If you’ve not yet seen what a world-class mortgage CRM with built-in SMS campaigns can do for your business, why not schedule a demo to see the Surefire system in action today?

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