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Open House Intelligence

Open House Intelligence Converts Attendees to Customers for Life

Jul 17, 2020

It’s no secret that open houses are a bountiful source of leads for mortgage lenders just as they are for real estate agents. The majority of open house attendees are in the earliest stages of their home purchase journey — they want to find a home to fall in love with but have neither secured financing nor selected a real estate agent. To help mortgage lenders cultivate relationships with referral partners and early-stage homebuyers, Top of Mind is proud to introduce Open House Intelligence.

Open House Intelligence is an enhancement to Surefire CRM Single-Property Sites that allows prospects to check in using a streamlined, fully electronic process that is co-branded with the lender’s and real estate agent’s respective brand colors, logos, contact information and headshots.

Open House Intelligence eliminates common challenges associated with paper check-ins, such as unintelligible handwriting, burdensome and error-prone manual data entry and misplaced sign-in sheets. Because Open House Intelligence feeds directly into Surefire CRM, automated marketing campaigns — co-branded from the real estate agent and loan originator — can begin immediately after contact information is captured.


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Open House Intelligence is available through Surefire CRM Single-Property Sites, which promote real estate purchase listings as standalone web pages. One of Surefire CRM’s most beloved features, Single-Property Site templates make it easy to build beautifully co-branded websites that create an immersive viewing experience for prospective homebuyers. Engaging and informative, Single-Property Sites can be configured to employ pricing scenarios generated by the Optimal Blue Pricing Engine as well as MLS property data points like school zoning and typical commute times that could impact borrower interest in a home.

Single Property Sites are a part of a comprehensive lead management toolkit that includes landing pages and multi-channel workflows for lead prospecting. Connecting to the real estate agent allows loan officers to broaden their reach for offering loan products to borrowers they may not have access to. 

When borrowers start the process to buy a home, often it is with their agent and not with the loan originator. Before the conversation even turns to credit reports and closing costs, a strong referral relationship from a real estate agent through Single Property Sites can bring the lender into the deal.

Home sellers want to be sure their buyers are qualified and have gone through the loan application process. In seller’s markets, they demand buyers well beyond the credit report and are qualified for a mortgage loan before they are presented by their agent. Open House Intelligence helps drive down the time from browsing to qualification. 

The Surefire CRM ecosystem has all the integrations to connect your business with the resources it needs. Request a demo to see how you can tap our expansive network of apps and solutions partners to create an exceptional end-to-end experience for your customers.

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