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How Creative Content Keeps Borrowers Engaged During a High-Volume Year

Oct 16, 2020

The mortgage market is on track to record its highest-volume year in history. While 2020 has been full of unique challenges, this growth offers an undeniable opportunity for loan officers to close a historic number of loans — and create unprecedented numbers of lifelong clients.

Thus, the need has never been greater for lenders to have a solid strategy in place to attract and retain prospects. And that can be difficult under such competitive market conditions — especially without timely marketing content, the right toolset and a human touch.


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Borrowers are dealing with a lot of uncertainty right now. They want to know they can count on you, their lender of choice, as a knowledgeable resource that has their best interests at heart. They want to find you when they need you, and if they have a great experience, they’ll tell friends and family.

Mortgage professionals already know that taking the time to build these genuine relationships is the right way to go, but doing it manually can seem out of reach. Even under average market conditions, it can be challenging to find time each workday to reach out to customers by hand. In today’s bonanza of a market, making time for personalized content that customers will appreciate is practically impossible.

So, what can be done? The answer lies in partnering with a mortgage CRM that offers not only efficiency-building marketing automation but also award-winning, customizable content.

Send content that keeps customers engaged — effortlessly

To capture customers’ attention in a record-breaking market, lenders need to deliver content that adds value. Thoughtful touches like annual birthday cards are a good place to start, but messages that educate, inform or entertain will have an even more powerful impact.

Surefire CRM’s creative content library, built by skilled mortgage marketing experts and updated every week, is designed to deliver the kind of “wow” factor that can prompt a former client to get back in touch for the first time in years. For example, earlier this summer, we released a flyer to help lenders persuade eligible consumers to get off the refi fence before the FHA’s “adverse market conditions” fee goes into effect. Last month, we spruced up our popular Mortgage Checkup interaction with dynamic data fields, more animations and customization that better reflects your organization’s branding. With Halloween around the corner, we stocked our content library with spooky campaigns that are guaranteed to delight. And Surefire creative content can even help you get more applicants to the finish line. It’s one reason our in-process videos are a perennial favorite!

Creative content that engages customers through every step of the loan process — and beyond — gives lenders their best chance to stand out. In an increasingly high-volume year for the mortgage industry, setting yourself apart from other lenders by employing creative content is a key differentiating factor.

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