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Convert Past Customers to Lifetime Clients with Creative Content

Oct 29, 2020

Let’s face it — we’ve all got a lot on our minds. For loan originators, the process of manually developing and deploying marketing content is time-consuming. Hyper-focused as lenders are on refi prospects during this high-volume period, they might make the mistake of neglecting to nurture previous relationships and convert past customers who aren’t in the market for a refi right now.

If lenders focus purely on communicating with immediate prospects and in-process applicants, they run the risk of losing touch with past clients and missing out on major opportunities for repeat and referral business.

Why Market to Convert Past Customers?

Are You A Post-Close Marketing Powerhouse?

Surefire’s Client for Life Workflow allows you to continuously engage with your borrowers through a perfectly balanced omni-channel marketing campaign.

The value of repeat business is immense, as it saves hours of time and effort for loan originators who would otherwise need to attract that many more leads. Past clients provide opportunities for refinancing and upsizing, downsizing, relocation, second home purchases and other life changes — not to mention referrals. The best mortgage CRM offers a combination of multimedia, multi-channel marketing and relevant content that strikes a chord is essential for keeping you at the top of clients’ minds when their next lending need arises.

Surefire CRM delivers creative marketing content relevant to borrowers and clients wherever they are in their housing journey. Lenders can specifically employ a Client For Life Workflow for past clients. Packed with award-winning content purpose-built to keep client relationships warm, the workflow includes personalized messages about your customer’s changing home value and interactive information on market changes. In short, the Client for Life Workflow automatically provides the right amount of touchpoints at the right times to nurture these relationships and increase invaluable repeat business opportunities.

Surefire CRM automatically builds out personalized creative content that goes far beyond the reach of generic postcards and emails while requiring even less effort from lenders. Simply starting clients on a Client For Life Workflow takes the marketing load off of a loan officer’s shoulders, delivering videos, text messages, surveys, flyers, calculators and more for a period of five years. This long view is essential to creating lifetime clients that return again and again.

As refi volume inevitably slows — the MBA predicts a drop of 40% or more in 2021 — competition for borrowers’ attention will become fiercer than ever. Surefire CRM is here to keep you top of mind with your borrowers making it easy to convert past customers.

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