Top of Mind vs. Insellerate

Surefire and Insellerate Comparison

Why Do Lenders Prefer Surefire over Insellerate?

Always Engaging

Surefire creative gives lenders multiple opportunities to engage with their clients. For example, the weekly Markets in a Minute update lets recipients toggle between a 7-day or 30-day view of recent mortgage rates and drill down to specific dates. Social sharing buttons create referral opportunities by making it easy for contacts to pass along your content to friends and family.

Highly Personalized

Lenders can build interactions on-the-fly using not only the customer contact information stored in their Surefire database but also real-time pricing data, public records and real estate data. The result is a uniquely personalized experience that will knock the socks off your customers and prospects.


Surefire’s approval management function lets organizations grant user permissions based on job role, compliance history or level of experience, enabling innovation without inviting risk. Marketing activities are automatically documented, so lenders are always audit-ready.

The Industry’s Largest Content Library

Tired of sending the same old emails? Choose from thousands of pieces of content (and growing) built for a variety of channels, including email, print, text message and voicemail that any lender can customize with just a few clicks.

Out-of-the-Box Workflows

Don’t have time to browse? Surefire’s Blueprints for Success make it easy to get started with recommended workflows for prospects, in-process loan applicants and past clients.

Choose Your Level of Customization

Apply your branding (or a referral partner’s) in a snap. Prefer to send something totally unique? Customize our marketing content or upload your own collateral.

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Winning With Surefire From Top of Mind.

Surefire's Marketing Content Is Recognized as Best In Class.

Telly Award
Telly Awards

Since 1979, the premier award honoring video and television across all screens

AVA Digital Awards
AVA Digital Awards

International program recognizing top global achievements in digital communication

Hermes Award
Hermes Creative Awards

International competition honoring marketing media excellence in eight categories

Content Marketing Awards
Content Marketing Awards

The largest and longest-running international content marketing awards program in the world

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