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Refi Rate Flyer Pack

Free Flyer 3-Pack: The Fed and Mortgage Rates

May 28, 2020

When mortgage rates fall, they’re bound to hit a floor. Explain to your contacts why mortgage rates aren’t zero, even if Fed rates are. In these turbulent times, everyone’s looking for ways to help. Let us serve you by providing a simple way to inform borrowers of the effects of COVID-19 on the industry.

Get our free timely content flyer pack, some of the many timely content pieces created by our award-winning content team:

  • COVID-19 & Your Mortgage
  • The Fed and Mortgage Rates
  • Rates Have Reached All-Time Lows

Click here to download.

Overcoming Pain Points in Mortgage Loan Officer Recruiting
Mar 02, 2023

Discover effective strategies to address common challenges faced by mortgage loan officer recruiters in this comprehensive guide. From identifying top talent to navigating the hiring process, learn how to overcome pain points and build a successful recruiting program for your organization.

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