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Surefire Spark Referral Program

Spark referrals, earn rewards!

It only takes a spark to earn rewards for you and your colleagues. Start referring today.

How it Works:

  1. Refer your colleague, get $50 off
  2. We’ll send your colleague an email invitation
  3. When your colleague signs up, they’ll receive $50 off and a free Referral Pack!

Earn $50 for each referral you make!

Referral Pack:

  • $50 off an annual subscription
  • Free personalized engraved gift- a $40 value!
  • Free “Client for Life” workflow for your first closed loan- a $50 value!

Terms and Conditions

*Spark is for individuals referring other individuals to work directly with Top of Mind Networks. Rewards are good for one year and non-transferrable. Referral rewards are applied to your next contract renewal. The person you refer must sign up for Surefire within 45 days of your referral.

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