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November Executive Chat: There’s Nothing Quite Like Having an Expert in Your Corner

Dec 03, 2020

There’s nothing quite like having an expert in your corner — one who knows all the right moves to capture new leads and inspire repeat and referral business with the industry experience to back it up.

At Top of Mind, our team members have more than 450 years of combined experience in the mortgage industry. Having served lenders for nearly two decades itself, Surefire CRM’s industry-specific toolset and built-in integrations have made hammering out marketing strategies quick, painless and exponentially more effective. We can confidently say that Surefire has gone where no other CRM has gone before.


Give Surefire a Try!

The best way to find out what we offer is to try it out yourself. We’re confident that you’ll like what you see.

While non-mortgage-specific CRMs are slowed down by tech tools that don’t mesh together, Surefire speaks the same language as our lenders’ tech stacks. We’re actively joining forces with the latest and greatest in mortgage technology, like our recently announced Floify integration. When it comes to mortgage marketing, Surefire users harness the power of proven strategies and award-winning creative content.

Time and time again, I’ve heard from lenders whose customers can’t stop raving about their experience. When it comes to customer satisfaction, a good or bad experience can depend on the quality of messages customers receive from their lenders. The peace of mind that comes with relying on Surefire as a trusted expert in delivering poignant content is invaluable, whether you’re sending out mortgage market insights or warm season’s greetings in the coming weeks.

We have the expertise to grow a mortgage business because of our track record of doing it for thousands of others, many just like you. Put our experience to work and schedule a demo today!

Kind regards,

Bill Hayes
CEO, Top of Mind Networks

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