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Monster Lead Group

Benefits of Using Monster Lead Group and Surefire Together

The partnership between Monster Leads and Surefire CRM allows for your contact database to be up-to-date between the two systems. When mail marketing is sent to contacts via Monster Leads, contact records are updated in Surefire CRM.

This connection will allow mutual users the ability to quickly find the contract information and mail marketing ID directly in Surefire CRM. Combining the two systems allows for borrower information to be up-to-date and lenders can quickly begin supporting the borrower when they respond to the marketing done by Monster Leads.

Key Features

  • Automated sync of contacts between the two platforms
  • Easily and quickly locate the reference ID from the mailer in Surefire CRM
  • Set workflows to begin in process marketing when a lead responds to mail marketing from Monster Leads

Monster Leads has combined multiple data sources and sorted through hundreds of data points to ensure the most up-to-date database in the industry. Their team of data scientists manage four unique algorithms that score borrowers with the highest propensity to transact.

Contact Details
Founded in 2013
Located in Owings Mills, MD

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