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Benefits of Using BombBomb and Surefire

The integration with BombBomb adds yet another additional content tool for Surefire CRM users. 

Mutual clients can easily deploy personalized BombBomb videos without leaving the Surefire platform. Clients that have BombBomb and Surefire can benefit from a seamless connected experience by way of an API. There is no additional work on the client’s behalf that is necessary.

BombBomb and Surefire users can quickly share personal videos in tandem with the award-winning marketing content through various campaigns and automated workflows. The Surefire and BomBomb connection is an enhancement to any LO’s toolkit. 


Build better customer relationships with BombBomb video messages, instead of using only faceless typed-out text. Share videos directly to anyone from your computer or smartphone (iOS or Android). Record your face, record your screen, or both. Share videos wherever you already send text and email. Know when someone plays your video, opens your message, and clicks your link. BombBomb is more than just software: 1-on-1 coaching, our best-selling book, the CX Podcast, and world-class support.

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