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The Surefire Retention Center

For homebuyers and even those homeowners who have just closed on a refinance, their transaction seems monumental. In fact, the cliché phrase of it being the largest financial transaction of their lives rings true in almost every instance. And indeed, a finance or refinance is not typically a small feat, especially in their eyes.

You’re an integral party to making that transaction happen!

Marking what will often be a more celebratory inkling on their side with the addition of a more conventional housewarming gift is a greater and grander way of saying, “Thanks for your business! I’m happy to have helped.”

The best closing gifts for borrowers go beyond merely thanking them for their business and help build repeat and referral business.

The Retention Center is an online retention gift store.

The Retention Center enables loan originators to curate a custom gift-receiving experience for clients in lieu of or in addition to corporate-level client retention initiatives.

Within the Retention Center, LOs can build automated retention gift campaigns based on rules, such as loan type (refinance or purchase), loan amount and occasion. Once a retention gift campaign has been activated, Top of Mind dynamically customizes, professionally packages and ships the retention gift to its recipient.

The Ideal Gift Has Longevity

The ideal gift is useful, bears your name, and is common enough of a household item that almost everyone can and will appreciate. Finding the perfect personalized gift doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s effortless with the Surefire Retention Center.

Retention Center gift options include bamboo cutting boards, premium whole-bean coffee, a self-inking address stamper and dynamic birthday cards. Book a demo to learn more!

Closing Gifts

Sending personalized cards and gifts to your contacts is just a few clicks away.

We'd be happy to schedule 15-minute training session to show you how to schedule birthday cards with ease. Click the link below to schedule some time for us to chat.

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