Client for Life

Client for Life Campaign

Are You a Post-Close Marketing Powerhouse?

Will your borrowers even remember your name in a year? How about five years? Probably not–more than half of homeowners switch agents on their next transaction. Add the Client for Life Workflow for Surefire CRM to keep your past clients close for that refi, second home, or house upgrade down the road.

Perfectly Balanced Multi-Channel Marketing

Are you just sending email? How exactly do you plan to stand out in the sea of sameness? Add some sizzle with interactive media, timely thoughtful greetings, text messaging, a survey, printed postcards with award winning imagery, and a personalized post close gift! Your key to edging out the competition, keeping your clients educated and informed, and beating those internet lenders is to stay Top of Mind with your borrowers throughout your lending career. Our Client for Life Campaign will accomplish that—over and over—for years to come.

Client for Life

Does it Pay to Spend Money Post Close?

The post-close workflow is designed to generate repeat and referral business. As you know, it can cost up to 5X more to get a new customer than it does to create repeat business.

We find that our clients enjoy a 5x reduction in customer acquisition costs by using a post-close campaign.

You’re smart to be doing the math. Organizations find that after adding up the costs of buying, writing, stamping, addressing, and mailing cards manually – even if you could remember who to communicate with and when to send them, your time is worth a lot more than a few cents saving on hard costs. In fact, if while running out to buy stamps, if you miss an important call from an agent or a client, it could cost you more in the end.

Since our post-close workflows have success based pricing, our most successful organizations have built-in their post-close campaign costs right into their fee structure.

Already Have a Post Close Campaign?

Congratulations! But so does everyone else. The key concept is perfectly balancing cost with effectiveness. You have to stand out, but you have to also control costs. Are you experimenting on your borrowers? Instead, draw on our near 20 years of experience delivering massive returns on post close campaigns.

Oh–and content matters. Award winning content is not an accident, and your team won’t be able to prove what works the best without years of trial and error. Work with the Surefire CRM Client for Life Campaign and you will be using one of our proven Blueprints for Success, which have filled our clients’ pipelines for decades.

Client for Life

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