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No matter what your business role, you’ll be able to get your job done with Surefire.

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The Right Solution for Every Role

When it comes to selecting a new technology solution, every business role has their own requirements. Which is why Top of Mind has designed Surefire CRM to provide the tools and functionality needed for different roles across the mortgage organization.

Marketing Solutions

Marketers love Surefire. They gain access to hundreds of existing templates for email, social media, flyers and postcards. They can send campaigns from marketing or on behalf of the entire sales team. And, of course, they can design their own campaigns, templates and landing pages.

Sales Solutions

Sales teams and individual sales users can manage their entire contact database from Surefire. From inbound lead to loan close, they’ll have total insight into their customer lifecycle. When it comes to their agent partners, they can use Surefire to create RESPA-compliant, co-branded materials, including single property sites and open house flyers.

Executive Solutions

Mortgage leadership teams gain top-level visibility into team activity and company KPIs through Surefire reporting tools. Larger organizations with several sub-brands will also be able to easily manage and administer multiple divisions to ensure consistent branding and reporting.

Compliance Solutions

Compliance teams can sleep soundly knowing that with the click of a button they can pull an audit report of all of the company’s marketing activities. And the organizational logic Surefire employs guarantees that the marketing of each division, location and loan officers contains the necessary disclosures and legal statements.

Technology Solutions

Integrate with your current tech stack for a seamless data flow. With everything stored in one place and updated in real-time, your company will run more accurately and efficiently.

Technology Solutions

Solutions by Team Size

See why Surefire CRM is trusted by mortgage professionals ranging from small broker teams to credit unions to large independent mortgage bankers.


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