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Founded in 2003, Top of Mind Networks was created with the vision to provide customized, turn-key CRM solutions to the mortgage industry so that mortgage professionals can go out and do what they do best… sell!

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We value integrity, honesty, empathy, dedication, humility, and fun.
We help you win new business, earn repeat business and gain referral business.

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Founded in 2003, Top of Mind Networks and its Surefire CRM were created with the vision to provide customized, turn-key CRM solutions to the mortgage industry.

Surefire has truly grown into a one-stop shop for mortgage professionals to handle all of their customer relationship management needs. Which, of course, allows mortgage professionals to go out and do what they do best … sell!

What We Do

We ensure this growth by placing our customers top of mind with their database through the development and automation of personalized, one-to-one marketing campaigns to their prospects, in-process loan customers, and past clients.

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